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Wheel Visualizer

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I'm guessing I'm behind the times, but I'm just now finding the cool wheel visualizers available online these days.  Not sure how long this has been around, but when I bought my wheels for my vert back in 2010, no site had the ability to visualize wheels on your car with a pic you uploaded.  I'm exploring what wheels might look nice on the coupe, and I uploaded one of the vert to play too.  Gold rims kinda look nice on the vert. 

The one thing that's readily apparent is that I'm really struggling with not wanting to lower my coupe like I did the just sits really high.  The angle of the car for the pic has to be from the front quarter, car level, with the steering wheel turned one complete turn...then the wheels can be sized to your pic.  You'll notice the coupe pic is flipped because it has to be taken from the passengers side.  It's really slick.  Once you get the sizing right, it's just a matter of clicking on wheels you're interested in and they appear on your pic.  Here's some I was looking at.  













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19 hours ago, jiggity76 said:

If your set on absolutely not using the pies, from top down, my choices are #1, #5, and #1 starting again with the vert.

Lol jiggity, but the pies are the obvious first choice?  Now I'm actually thinking of putting the current vert wheels on the coupe and getting gold themed wheels for the vert.  Gonna just play a little more.  

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15 hours ago, James Robert said:

That's pretty cool. I remember years ago, the tirerack website had a simple wheel visualizer, but you had to use their stock model car images. You could pick the body color.

Yep, I bought my vert wheels from tirerack and had to use a blue CS coupe to help visualize.  The didn't have green as an option lol.

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Pies with the inlays blacked out can be pretty hot looking. I agree in their native form pies don't exactly have a lot of appeal. 

Probably would look similar to the seventh coupe picture. 

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