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2007 Grand Prix Airbag Issues

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Hey guys.  Had my GP in the shop for an airbag light.  I was told the sensor in the seat is bad and is making the light kick on.  Dealer is telling me P/N 19258125 is required to fix it.  That is the Passenger Discriminating Sensor.  Found here:

The Service Manager I talked to wasn't sure if I would be able to get a used one or simply find a junkyard seat and have it work.  Can anyone here confirm or deny?  I still have the option to call up the dealer and have him talk to the tech.  My dealer is a great shop so I hate to bother them.  Sadly, the GP was going to get put up for sale shortly but I think I'd like to find an easy/cheaper solution before putting it up for sale.  I have a hard time dropping over $800 on parts and having to deal with removing the seat from the car and ripping everything apart. 

Again, does anyone know if I can drop a used on it or does it *have* to be new since it's likely programmed to the BCM of the vehicle or can I get a used one and get it programmed?  I know the dealer would do that for me.

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No sensor should require a handshake. According to Alldata the sensor is in the seat and the module is underneath the seat. 

The module does have communications but even so I don't see why it would need a handshake since its not antitheft or theft prone.

I would try to score both from a yard car and do the module first.


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