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Regal Automatic Climate Control

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Hi everyone!

In my quest to fix up my 1997 Regal GS, I'm battling a bit of a lighting issue in the climate control system. I don't seem to be having the typical issue with the display in the climate control, as that lights up bright during the day and it's visible at night. Instead, I seem to be having a problem with the illumination of the buttons. Everything is dark except for the amber lights for whether it's on Auto, Vent, etc, and the lighting indicating if the passenger side temperature control is warmer or cooler. I understand that it's possible that the bulbs are burned out on for the illumination part, but, I have a spare climate control unit and it, too is completely dark at night. I tried using a multimeter to see if the bulbs were burned out and they don't seem to be, so I'm wondering if I should test the wiring in the car to see if there's a problem with the power for the lighting coming from the harness? The rest of the car's switches and items that are illuminated at night are working properly. Would it be possible to obtain a wiring diagram for the connector behind the climate control unit just to make sure I'm getting juice at the pin(s) that provide power for the bulbs at night? Or am I approaching this the wrong way? Any feedback or guidance is greatly appreciate! Thanks!

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