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2004 Gtp rack and pinion

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So I had a 2004 Grand Prix GT and I was rear-ended, rest is fine upfront and inside. I replaced it with a 2004 Grand Prix GTP and bought back my old GT from the insurance for parts car. Now, my question is can I use the rack and pinion from my GT if it doesn't have the plug for variable assist like my GTP? Will this just throw a code or will I have drivability issues. The rack on the GTP is leaking so I'm sure the seals are toast. I know the rack on the GT is in fine shape.

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It'll still have steering assist, that's just "power steering".

The Magnasteer will be gone, which increases or decreases steering effort based on vehicle speed and makes it "tight and sporty" at speed, and "loose and easy to turn" in parking lots.

If you simply nip the leads on a 1k resistor and plug it into the plug (tape and insulate) the car shouldn't know the coil in the rack is gone. That's if it does any error reporting at all. 

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