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2000 GTP missing sporadically under load

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Car was low on gas and stumbled a bit, so filled up asap. Even after I filled up, the car has been sporadic on the missing/detonating the past day or so under load.

Filled up at a different gas station to make sure I did not just have a bad tank of gas but the problems persist. No codes yet thrown. 

It did this just a couple months ago and a set of new plugs seemed to correct the issue.  Perhaps I need new plugs again, or something is wearing them out prematurely?  

Will have time this weekend to dig more and hopefully replace plugs/wires/fuel filter as a start.  Car has 112k on it currently.



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So I stopped on the way home from work and picked up plugs/wires/fuel filter. I swapped in the plugs and wires, took it for a quick drive and seemed fine. Plugs were a bit reddish in color, but even though they were replaced just a couple months ago, the rough running was likely not good for them so swapped out. 

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