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'92 GTP Front Strut cartridge installation

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This oil in the tube thing is interesting. I wanted to prevent any rust on the inside of the tube after modifying and powder coating for coil overs. I put regular old 10w30 in there not knowing it was an oem thing. Glad to see my common sense ideas actually make sense sometimes.

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Honestly guys,


where are you getting this information from with regards to pouring oil into the strut housing?

my '91 & my '96 OEM service manuals make no reference to pouring oil into the housing, but instead removing any leftover that may be in there,


even KYB states to remove any & all remaining oil from inside the housing.


The only *shocks* that I recall that did allow for pouring in fresh oil were the old rebuildable Bilsteins, but those were not a twin tube design, they were a mono tube design where the oil in the outer chamber DID provide cooling, but that practice was dropped when the valving at the bottom of the shock was reconfigured to allow *breathing*, any oil down there would cause the shock to *lock up*.


Wayy back in the 70's when we had Datsun's in the family those shocks were rebuildable (long before gas charged twin tube shocks), and did require a certain amount of oil to be poured into the housing, but once again they were a monotube design & the outer housing served as the reservoir for the oil, they were  not a twin tube design.

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