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255lph fuel pump recommendation


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Need to find a good 255lph fuel pump for my 00 GT.  Also need a rewire kit for it from what I've read.  Pretty sure it's a venturi pump since I have a steel tank.  My old pump is down in my other garage and it's 12* outside right now so I haven't dug it out yet to verify but I'm pretty sure that's what it is.  Any recommendations on a pump brand?  And no, I will not be running E85.

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I did a write-up on that like 2 years ago i think. on my car I put a relay in the trunk with a fuse and use the original fuel pump wire to trigger it. Of course my battery is in the trunk too.

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Yeah, really a 255 is more pump than a stock L36 needs but if you want one the price really isn't any higher than a stock replacement. The popular one is the Walbro 255, the one that I had was "supposed to be" a Walbro but there's so many knock offs now that I really don't know what I got at the time.

Genuine or not I got nice performance from it and my car had a Fuel Pressure gauge on the dash so I actually know what it was doing for 2 years.


I didn't cover wiring in the write-up but I put a 40A relay and 15A fuse (in a small fuseholder) on it. My The factory wiring to the pump is tiny so it's not a bad idea to run a 14 GA wire.



Yellow Wire: to battery (through fuse)

Blue Wire: To fuel Pump

White Wire: to old gray fuel pump wire

Black Wire: Ground me.


In theory you could go to the Green/White wire on the factory relay and eliminate the Gray wire but then it wouldn't go through the worthless circuit on the oil pressure switch if that bothers you. My next one will be eliminating the oil pressure switch nonsense and factory relay completely.



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Thanks guys, I'll check it out.  Wanted some new opinions since last I heard the Racetronix pump was good but any service after the sale was non-existent.


Will be feeding 60# injectors.


Already got rid of the stupid "empty the pan" oil pressure switch and have a true Autometer elec. gauge in my triple pod so that's no big deal.  Have a fuel pressure gauge as well so I can monitor.


What I do need to find is a dual gauge pod that will mount to the drivers side dash area.  Since I don't have HUD I can't use the one from ZZP.  I did see one for a 03-09 dodge truck that I really like but I don't know how those dashboards compare to my GP.  I don't care if I have to cut it to fit, but I can't add material to it to make it work (at least not easily).

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Hell, I ran max'd 42's on ethanol with a stock pump and just changed the fuel filters a few times to make sure there wasn't anything clogging up the filter.  Pump had probably 300k+ miles on it.  HARD miles.  All it had was a bent tab for the pump to set it in high mode and a rewire, LOL.  Drove it like that probably for a couple years.


As for the gauge mounting, there are a ton of small, universal brackets that gauges will mount to you can pick up and customize to your liking...something along the lines of this...Glowshift makes a few.



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I've got a new in box 320lph AEM pump that I was supposed to sell to someone on GPF, that you can have for a steal. It's the e85 compatible one but it'll work better for gas, as I didn't like the HP rating on it for e85 so I went with a 420lph instead.



Also can throw in a ZZP rewire (not the best choice but eh, free)



And would this pod work?



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PM sent.  What's the HP rating on that AEM pump?  I really only want to do it once since pulling the pump repeatedly is not something high on my to-do list.


That pod could work if I can't find/make what I'm looking for.  I've got a few other leads to track down that could be a possibility.

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