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L67 or L32 into a 5th gen grand prix?

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Okay guys I'm back I'm still keeping my gtp how it is but I'm getting a regular se this sunday. Everyone keeps telling me to L67 swap it. What will I need for that? Also could I go with the newer L32 both SC of course???

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It's a 95 or 94 grandprix se 3100. I think the l67 swap has been done before I have all winter to plan and acquire parts. More than likley wait for a good parts car. I wanna use the 4t65e tranny as well maybe hd?

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Yes it can be done. Been done lots. There is lot of info out there.


If you get an l32 you'll need to get an l67 throttle body or a North Star and the appropriate adapter and if a North Star a tune!



Wiring you'll need from a 98-99 Monte Carlo/lumina 3800 harness and modify to obd2 along with a gtp pcm. Along with a number of other parts from the monte/lumina.



Here's mine with a l26 top swapped and gen v with l67 throttle body!



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Parts list from a quick google search (


1. 3800 complete engine (Any 97-07 Supercharged engine will work, 04+ grand prix will need adapter plate and a L67 throttle body)

2. 4T65E-HD Transmission (you can use the non-HD, but you'll want a 65E)

3. 4T65E HD Transmission Lines (at least to the rubber part)- you can use 98/99 Monte Z34 lines

4. 4T65E HD Transmission Axles* (you only technically need the innermost part of each)

5. L67 PCM (97-03 depending on year of transmission)

6. High-Pressure Power Steering Line (98-99 Monte carlo/Lumina with 3.8 NA

7. L36 Monte Carlo or Lumina engione bay wiring harness (98-99) and re-pin the C100 connector to match your car 

8. Down pipe from a 98/99 Monte Z34- or custom aftermarket to clear firewall

9. Walbro High-Pressure Fuel Pump 255 ltr/hr (stock pump will work fine for basic bolt on applications)

10. Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses (98-99 Monte carlo/Lumina with 3.8 NA)

11. Heater core lines (98-99 Monte carlo/Lumina with 3.8 NA)

12. New Belts (probably a good idea, especially if the engine had been sitting awhile)

13. Some sort of aftermarket intake- FWI, CAI, something

14. ZZP's "L67 Swap" wiring kit (optional, all it includes is a MAP harness extension that
doesn't plug in well, and the plug for the BBV w/ 2 loose wires which are far too short; but the
BBV can operate just fine without the electrical solenoid- just cap the vac line that is supposed
to go to it). But this may be easier for first timers


15. Fresh fluids- (power steering, coolant, oil, transmission fluid)


Good luck!

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So it looks like I need to get a 98 monte 3800 na for all my parts. So if I got one with good motor Amd tranny I could use that setup in my car. And then do a top swap. Or would it be easier to just get a complete SC 3800 and then just use the 98 wires and lines and hoses? I'm gunna wrote down all the information you just gave me Amd keep searching. Thankyou very very much.

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