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Trans swap


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the TGP pre-dates the 4T60E trans, but that doesn't mean all is lost.....


you would need to reprogram the MEMCAL *chip* inside the casing. 1990 did not see the electronic transmissions but 1993 did where the *T* code LHO engines are concerned. Your engine is a *V* code LG5 which is basically an LHO with a lung bolted on.


Your ECM case is the same case that is used in the 1993 W-body Lumina (1227727) which has the 3.1 LHO engine & the 4T60E trans. If you were serious on this you would need the wiring harness from needed car to splice into to do the conversion on yours. The ECM 16149396 which controls the DOHC engine would also work as it too was used with the 3.1 LHO in '93, Now I know that the 4T60E-HD would be doable because it was used in the OBDI cars, but I don't have enough info as to whether the OBDII 4T65E trans could be made backward compatible with an OBDI ECM.


COPY the added link to keep in your files..it is getting hard to find




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I have a core TGP 4t60 that I'd GIVE away at this point


And I have a TGP with all its gears except 1st, 2nd, 4th, Neutral, Reverse, and converter lock-up. And use of its lone 3rd gear requires putting the shifter in neutral. Believe it or not, it's been my daily most of the time for the last few months, now that I finally got the awful, awful DMV to register the darn thing. Starts are sluggish, but it goes great down the highway in 3rd gear, shifter in neutral. You should buy it and put said transmission it. :bonk:

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