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Seeking Monoleaf spring


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I'd appreciate some advice on buying a replacement monoleaf for my 95GS.


The dealer says there were 4 models available in the day, but didn't know the difference:


Part nos.


XXX  22188503

XXX  22188504

XXX  22188505

RFL 22188506


I didn't ask the letters on the XXX leafs, mine is an RFL.

I'd like the same spring or stiffer, FE3 if possible.

Which spring do I have and how do I identify a similar or stiffer spring (or FE3) at the local scrap yard where several are shown on car-parts.com.



My GS spring:






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I have a 1995 cutlass supreme SL 3.1.  I put 1996 buick regal LS front strut assemblies to upgrade my brakes.  Now, the front end seems to steering different, especially at highway.  Hard to describe.  Could this be spring related, being different rates?  

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Did the regal have a different motor than the 3.1? Just curious because the difference in engine weight GM could have used higher rate springs in the front end of the regal. Just my random thoughts....

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My regal was an L36 car. If it would have had the 3.1 I wouldn't have bought the car and likely wouldn't be a member here.

As for different weight springs with engine choice maybe another member like Manic would know but that's a plausible theory.

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