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Dan's TGP Take 3


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I bought this one in the spring of 2015.  Up until a couple weeks ago, it has sat untouched.  It has 69xxx miles on it.  The guy I bought it from is a member here.  He offered it when my first one caught on fire.  It had been parked in a garage for a long time.  He had taken the motor apart and left it unfinished.  There was a lot of powder coated parts in the trunk.  Some NOS parts, too.  I've been getting it back together over the past 3 weeks.  I will post those updates soon.  Below are pics of the car as it was when I brought it home.  




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I cleaned up the block and the trans.  I painted the trans with Eastwood Alumablast and I painted the block with Eastwood ceramic engine paint.  I used Pontiac Metallic Blue.


I had some Crane 1.6 full rollers left over from a previous LG5 build.  So I put them to use in this one.













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That is a nice looking TGP.  I like the attention to detail on the engine/trans.  After Galen's and now this, I am glad to see you these getting back on the road in such great shape.  

Could be another one in the works. . . .

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Nice work Dan.  That car's going to look great!  Why was it torn down initially by the P.O?

Yes.  He is a member here.  I believe he tore it down to replace some gaskets and he did some powder coating work.  I bought it that way.  

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