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Cutlass International vs. Deer


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I can put the full story on here

On a delivery at about 7:30 Thursday night out in the country.

Came around some s curves that go from woods into a big open field. I saw the doe jump and looked for more to follow.

The fawn did and I had a choice, hit it or put the int into a 5 foot drop ditch at 60mph.

Let off the gas and slammed it, deer literally exploded. In about 4 pieces on the road.

Pizza boxes hit the windshield and all that.

Coasted to a stop got out saw the damage, made sure the deer was actually dead didn't want it to suffer.

Called to let people know their pizza was going to be late blah blah blah

Went home grabbed the SHO went back to work. Had another one jump in front of the SHO at about 90 missed by inches.

Not a good night.

She still runs and drives and all no issues but the fender is junk, grille is broken, turn signal, and bumper is bent and cracked

Also the black ball that feel out (Not sure what it is?)

If anybody has parts that I need let me know


Now this was at about 55-60 and hit a small fawn

This my vert at 70-80mph vs an 8 point buck


Just took off the license plate cover, knocked out the blub in the directional and took off the super glued on side signal

Wbodies taking deer like a boss.

Anyone else have any wbody vs deer pics?










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sorry to hear. this is far more tragic than a brand new car hitting a deer, actually my heart jumped into my throat when I read this. good news is it can be repaired so that it looks brand new again.


I would drive a little more cautious if there is poor visibility. drive a different cart if possible. that car is way too valuable to take any more chances like that.

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i have set of chrome grilles and fender turn signals

can you send me a pm with pictures?



I feel horrible driving this car. Technically this is my winter beater. I plan to sell it after winter is over and the gp can come out again.

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Hit a deer with a w? Hell ya. Out of the 48 deer I have hit in 16 years of driving all but 7 I've hit with a wbody. They definately take a deer hit with great strides. I've never hit one with a w body that I couldnt drive the car away. I've hit them going anywhere from 20-105 mph. Though they seam to get the most damage about the 35-50 mph range.


Last one I hit with my 88 cs I was going 70 all it did was break the side maker light and dented the fender. But a plunger pulled that put and you can't even tell it was dented.


Like I told ya before I'm interested in your int'l if/when you want to part with it.

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I'd either want to sell it now before the snow flies but that's only to someone who will take care of it

Or it'll go on Craigslist in spring (don't want to do that)

All my cars are always for sale, this is my 6th car in.. 4 months lol


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Smaller animals? Speaking from personal experience, if you hit a skunk your car will smell like skunk for a month straight and only when wet for the next six.


Good thing there isn't more damage, looks like all you'll need to replace is the fender and a few parts, including your imperial probe droid.

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Oh yes, been there done that. 3 skunks actually. At different times. Dozens of raccoons, possum, rabbit, etc. All in the Festiva when I had my paper route. Good times.

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I got to see the marvelousness of ABS on my old '99 Grand Am GT thanks to a deer. Going about 65, saw the doe chilling in the road up ahead thanks to my brights that were aimed way too high. Stood on the brake pedal and made the most dramatic sounding stop ever (this was car chase quality, mind you). The deer just stared at me and walked away. She was clearly not impressed. Idiot.

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Being in a town of 3000 people about 80 percent of my deliveries are in the middle of the country. Delivering for almost a year I've hit two deer, multiple small animals, birds etc.

I'm sure this won't be my last deer either.

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Kind of why I want to sell it to buy a real beater

The gp gets used for some deliveries, it's one of the mascots for the company haha


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48 deer in 16 years? :eek: I've hit 1 in almost 13! I've mostly lived in rural ish areas too


Ya but you have to remember I deliver newspapers for a living. 200+ miles a night in rural wi. It's something that is to be expected.


I estimate I have put close to a million miles behind the wheel of a car in 16 years. And it goes in streaks. Sometimes I'll go 6-8 months without hitting anything. Then in 3 days I'll hit 3 of them. Lol.


But I agree. A cheap pos beater would be much better than a rarer w body.

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