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replacement power antenna


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When you start and turn off the car can you hear the motor work? If so all you need is a new mast and cable.


Like this one here.




If you cannot hear the motor working at all. Then you probably need a new unit. I've had good success at finding them at junkyards. Just make sure the mast is down and it's not broken.


That's a good indicator that the last time the car was turned off the mast went down and it's probably still good. I have even used a power antenna from a 92+ Firebird and got it to work in my Cutlass.

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anyone know where i can get a replacement power antenna for a "95 cutlass convertible? that actually fits !


Check with Advance Auto Parts, Auto Zone. When I replaced mine years ago, Auto Zone is where I purchased mine from. I went through 2 power antenna's. They all leaked and continued to have problems with the power antenna not working. So that's when I decided to switch to a normal antenna one that stays up stationary all the time. I love it a lot better too! When I had my rust in the quarter panels fixed I had them cover up the drain hole for the antenna.

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The only reason I didn't suggest the part store ones is because they are kinda pricey and they don't last as long. I love the look of the antenna down when the car is off.


Usually when the factory ones die, it's the mast that breaks. It's a plastic cable that runs around the gears in the power antenna motor. They break. Sometimes they just need to be pulled apart cleaned out and re-lubed and they will work again.


I had the same rusting issue on that side of the car with the power antenna. When I had it fixed I drilled a smaller hole for the tube and put a rubber gromit in there for the hose to go into.

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I replaced my power antenna & now I have a grinding noise (sounds like plastic gears grinding) after the antenna reaches top & I have a whirring noise that happens for a second after it lowers.

Is there some sort of power "limit" setting that turns the power off to the antenna after it reaches full height/lowers?

It seems like the radio is sending power to the antenna for too long.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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