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The Parts Number Thread!!


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Pontiac Grand Prix rear light bar housing.  Part #16508565.

Pontiac Grand Prix STE rear light bar lens (STE specific).  Part #16508573.

Pontiac Grand Prix rear light bar bulb gaskets (foam pieces that seals to the body and surrounds the bulbs).  Part #16508572.


2018-11-25 10.57.46.jpg

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1988-1991 CS hood "Oldsmobile" emblem.  Part #20695878.

1988-1993 CS International Series emblems (used on center console, both front doors, and trunk lid, certain years).  Part #10073643.

1988-1991 CS Oldsmobile Rocket center hood emblem (between the front grills).  Part #10109380.

1991-1997 CS DOHC 24 VALVE fender emblems.  Part #10134591.


2018-11-25 11.04.04.jpg

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1991-1994 CS HUD (Heads Up Display).  Please note: this is for the HUD body with internal electronics.  Decorative cover (Garnet Red shown) comes in different colors to match interior of that particular car and may have a different part #.  Part #16163973.






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