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TGP/TSTE Articles, Memorabilia, Manuals and more.

Jeff M

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Its a long list, plenty to be excited about for owners with these rare cars or those looking to get in the seat 8) . Keep an eye on eBay to score these collections, and do let us know if you find something not on the list so we can add it! Enjoy! Jeff M



List of Articles and Dealer Literature on the TGP, TSTE, Pace Car, Car of the Year GP that started it all, more:


1987-November Hot Rod Mag, TGP Prototype, 305hp, manual tranny (with 220 lb-ft torque for the tranny).


1988 Pikes Peak Racer listed for sale at the Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas: http://www.autocollections.com/index.cfm?key=720&action=details&tab=inventory


1988-February Motor Trend Car of the Year, White Grand Prix SE (one page only).


1988-April Auto Week, small write up with pic of the same 305hp prototype, with engine pic.


1988-November Car & Driver Preview Test, Black TGP many pages, lame 7.8 zero to sixty.


1989-April Road & Track, Red TGP, BEST Times; 0-60 7 flat, quarter 15.3, same mag a Porsche 944 does 0-60 in 7.5 and quarter in 15.7, for $36K.


1989-May Automobile, TGP Verses SuperCoupe, lame test, quoted manufacturer specs for testing acceleration times.


1989-May Automotive Engineering, Pace Car one page, black & white pic.


1989-Summer Action Track, Issue 10. Nice Red TGP Prototype Pics, 2 pages, funny extra with T15 Turbo being held by a mechanic over the engine bay, yea right!!


1989-June Motor Trend, Flat out Fastest where Red TGP goes 134mph on long banked oval track.


1989-August Motor Trend Road Test, worst times while testing in super hot Arizona, duh!


1989-September Turbo High Tech Performance (when it was an American Mag), Red nice pics no specs.


1989-October Popular Hot Rodding, single page only, and small bit of info on a black one going on the roundies.


1989-October Detroit News, 10-25-89 article done, no details.


1989-October Automotive Engineering, info only, states engineering terms for power/153kw-298N-m.


1989-October Car & Driver Turbo STE 4-door test in words only, pic of regular 4-door STE.


1989-Yearbook Wards Automotive Yearbook, 1989 TGP and other pontiac Production numbers.


1989-Year Road & Track Performance Cars 89, another 7.0 0-60 run/different pics, proto engine bay.


1990-January Sports Car International, Black TGP, 2-page, lame 7.8 0-60.


1990-February Motor Trend Car of the year test (Lincoln won), only test of a real TSTE, 7.7 0-60 fastest of this bunch.


1990-May Road & Track special Road Test Annual, lame black & white pics of same red TGP from April-89.


1990-June High Performance Pontiac, 7.2 0-60, best diverse write up of this car/Red TGP.


1990-June Cars.com Review of Turbo STE.


1990-August Collectable Automobile, excellent write up and pics on this collector car!


1990-September Wards Auto World, Rusty Wallace Special black over gold TGP, picture only.


1997-July High Tech Performance, pretty good, someone had friends there helping him sell it.


1998-October High Performance Pontiac, small info, pace car TGP (black & white photo).


2000-December Auto Trader, on-line review and pricing.


1989-Year NASCAR Yearbook Press Guide (no TGP pics), lots on GP drivers.


1989-Year Daytona 500, Men and Machines of Speed Weeks 89, only one pic of a Red TGP Pace Car.


1989-Year Pontiac Relations Press Release for sponsored stock cars, 8x10 B&W Glossy TGP Pace Car.


1989-MY Auto Show Pontiac Relations Press Release, 8x10 B&W Glossy TGP and Engine Bay.


1989-February Daytona 500 Race Day Book, big red TGP Pace Car Pic, best yet, some info.


1926-1992 Book, Pontiac, They Build Excitement, story starting from Oakland Motor Car, mention of TGP and TSTE, no pics.


1929-1995 Book, Standard Catalog of Pontiac, production options, no numbers or pics.


19xx?-2002 Book, Standards Catalog of Pontiac, newer addition, now adds pics of color TSTE, 2 B&W TSTE and a TGP B&W.


1990-MY Manufacturing Year Public Relations Press Release Pontiac, 8x10 B&W Glossy TGP.


1990-June June 24th, Michigan International Speedway, MGD 500, compare TGP to actual race car.


1990-Year AC Delco Rockingham 200/500, NC 500, red TGP Pace Car pic and write up.


1988-MY Dealer, Pontiac Road Cars, only has fold-out poster of White GP SE.


1989-MY Dealer, Driving Enthusiast Handbook, nice Red TGP Pic.


1989-MY 2nd Ed Dealer, Driving Enthusiast Handbook, Red TGP pic gone, now a white GP SE.


There were miscellaneous dealer sheets, post cards, pamphlets, press release flyers as well.



List of Memorabilia:


1988 Grand Prix SE Plastic Model Revel 7171, 1:25 scale, pic shows white, body in white but plastic white, 2 different chrome rims to chose from, also SE as well as TGP Style Aero Kit and spoiler.


1989 TGP Plastic Model Revel 7148, 1:25th scale, pic show a red TGP but the plastic body is BLACK!! Rims are also chrome not gold.


1990 Pontiac SE Plastic Model Revel 7458, 1:25 scale, plastic is red though a plastic red, 2 different chrome rims to chose from, also SE as well as TGP Aero kit and spoiler.


1990 Pontiac MGD Grand Prix Stock Car plastic Model AMT/ERTL 6916, 1:25 scale, primer gray body, 1 set chrome rims with fat slicks.


1991 Pontiac Mellow Yellow Grand Prix Stock Car Model Monogram 2428, 1:24th scale, black body, 1 set chrome rims with fat slicks.


1989 Daytona 500 mugs with red Grand Prix.


1989 Daytona 500 Hat Emblem Hat Pin with Red Light.


1989 NASCAR Daytona 500 Baseball Cap (which a Red TGP Paced).


1989 NASCAR Daytona 500 Jacket Patch, originally came with Race Day book listed above.


1989 Car & Driver Collections Card: No. 305-Turbo Grand Prix. Made by Matchbox.


1990 Rockingham International Raceway Hatpin with Red TGP.


Motor Week’s VHS Tape testing a Red TGP Approximately 8 minutes long.


Dealer VHS Tape to educate Dealers on the TGP, 3:40 minutes long.


Paramount Pictures DVD Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise, Red TGP Pace Car showed 9 times, one of the 5 TGP Pace cars in the movie is owned by Larry Moran.


The Devil's Own(found by Garrett Powered) where the lead character is running across the street through traffic on the city streets and cuts off a (dirty) Black TGP.


1989 Red TGP Poster 2 foot by 3 foot, original was dealer item only and very few left, had Red TGP with “Grand Prix†written on it, which was later changed to “Turbo Grand Prix†and is for sale in numbers at Jeff M’s web site.


Poster 1 foot by 2 foot, painting of Red TGP.


Black Jacket, Red Trim, Red lettering: "Turbo Grand Prix" "NASCAR" "Official Pace Car". Sizes XL only.



List of Service and Parts Manuals


1988-92 Chilton’s Service Manual W-Body/Grand Prix, Cutlass, Regal, Lumina. Publication Number 8258. Approximately 2 inches thick, approximately 382 pages, does cover turbo specifics but still all that the TGP and TSTE are as a Grand Prix.


1989 OEM/Helm Publications Turbo Grand Prix Service Manual Supplement, Publication Number S-8910-W-Turbo. About a ½ inch thick, approximately 200 pages. Full coverage of Turbo Specific for the 2-door TGP, TSTE not out yet.


1989-90 OEM/Helm Publications Service Manual Update, 1989/90 Pontiac Turbo Grand Prix, Publications Number S-89/90-W Update. Small, less than ¼ inch thick approximately 60 pages, adds information to 89 Pontiac Grand Prix Service Manual and 89 Supplement, but does not include TSTE Specifics other than the same turbo/drivetrain and ECM Electronics both share.


1990 OEM/Helm Publications Pontiac Grand Prix Service Manual, Publications Number S-9010-W, 2 ¼ inch thick, approximately 600+ pages, full up on Grand Prix with quad-4 as well as V6 NA and Turbo Version. No need for above Supplements and Updates on the 2-door TGP above, or 4-door supplement below.


1990 OEM/Helm Publications Pontiac Grand Prix STE Service Manual Supplement, Publication number S-9010-W STE. Only Supplement needed with above 1990 Full Service Manual S-9010-W, and above is needed as there is very little info on the turbo, engine, etc. Mainly electrical diagrams and a small amount of additional info, about ½†think, approximately 200 pages.


1988-92 GM SPO/Service Parts Operations, Engineering Publications Department, Parts and Illustration Catalog for 1988-92 W (printed 9-1991 though there are other print releases that encompass these years) Grand Prix only. Shows all parts (only 12 parts that do not show up for the TGP/TSTE, not bad!!) as well description sections and exploded parts sections, also man hours and prices for way back when. Many parts numbers have been changed, some a couple of times but dealer can find updated part numbers. Nearly 3 inches thick, not going to see someone scan all these on their web site .


1990 Pontiac “W†Parts Book, Catalog Code: “25Wâ€Â. September 1989. Extensive parts listing with many details on parts used, really cool info you would not expect and won’t find any where else other than some in the book above. 1 ¼ inch thick, about 350+ pages.


Old 1989 Grand Prix Service Manual, OEM/Helm Publications, part number S-8910-W, too new for the 89 Turbo Grand prix. About 1 ¾ inch thick.


Delco Moraine Antilock Brake System III, GM Publication Number 15005.04-1. 110 pages, electrical, mechanical operations, most pages show CAMS and Tech 1 tool diagnostics screen, something most owners will not have access to.



List of Owner’s Manuals:


1989 Pontiac Grand Prix Owner’s Manual, part number:


1990 Pontiac Grand Prix Owner’s Manual, Part Number: 10176831B. 355 pages long.


1990 Warranty and Owner Assistance Information, Part Number 10122640A. 30 pages long.


1990 General Motors Maintenance Schedule for BOCP Passenger Cars, Part Number: 10122641B. 17 pages long.


1989 Turbo Grand Prix Owner’s Manual Supplement, version is printed in Landscape and is 30 pages long. Form Number: S-89GP-W-TURBO.


1990 Turbo Grand Prix Owner’s Manual Supplement, version is printed in Portrait and is 33 pages long. Form Number: S-90GP-W-TURBO. BOTH HAVE SAME INFO though a different page count.


1990 STE/4-Door Suppliment?


1990 Turbo Grand Prix STE/4-Door Turbo Supplement, Form number: ASC - W-29D8-1969-AXXX.



List of Owner Extras:


Owner’s Operation Cassette Tapes (no CDs were known to be offered) regarding the “Grand Prix†and another regarding the “Turbo Grand Prixâ€Â


No Tape or CDs were known to be offered different for the Turbo STE?


Plastic Credit Card Size Key Blanks for your wallet.

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1987-December High Performance Pontiac - '88 McLaren Turbo Grand Prix - Article appears to be about the production cars, yet pictures are of the 305hp/5spd prototype.

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