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HELP SC gaskets lower? upper? L32? Gen V?


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i need help.
to preface this !barely! mechanically inclined weekend warrior 07 pontiac gtp sc 3.0 pulley upgraded injectors(box says zzp 42lb ev1 injectors intercooled TB spacer zzp full exhaust car came with what i assume is the factor cam in a comp cams box and a gag of precision timing components timing chain and a blue box 4tsomething shift kit pvc has a closed lid and mutilated hose (i think it was an attempt to plug) (im pretty sure i bought someone's headache)

currently doin LiM and valve covers and came to a halting stop when i realized that i may have purchased the wrong upper and lower supercharger gasket i assumed it was the gen 3 supercharger when i kept hearing series 3 motor being thrown around(lack of research) but to my avail the intercooler core that is sandwiched between the Gen V SC and L32 LiM fits the gaskets almost perfectly (unsure if core is from zzp tbf)

(SC-uppergasket-intercooler-lowergasket-LiM) use ur imagination for LiM


the internal (TB??) seems to be in half due to position of IC core is this ?optimal? will the pressurized air tear the gasket? im overthinkin it i think
(above & below)


when removing SC this gasket sat ontop of LiM (below)


(left side of SC next to white rags)
as you can see previous owner also used some sort of garlic supercharger gasket for the upper (assuming it was gen 3) tore apart when lifting so wasnt able to read anything legible


Now i guess my question is should i return to using the black lower supercharger gasket(bought new ofc) or use the garlock gen 3 U and L since (for a lack of better word) should i be worried about the internal butterfly valve is half covered by the IC core and gasket and another question when/if using the gen 3’s zzp says to buy coolant orings with their garlic gaskets but the Gen V L32 supercharger gasket has the o-rings mated to the gasket itself (see 3rd photo for example) what would be the proper way to do this. i need help.
(above) would this not be the same as double gaskesting (are they even in use since the IC core is in the way of the TB passages?)

photo of topside of IC core


anyways thanks to whomever reads these you are my saviors in many of these situations but ig i got ahead of myself, thankyou! 🤳

would this be the final product?



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