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Help with sunroof fitment


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Hey! Bare with me as I’m new here, I hope this was the right place to ask this.


I recently became the owner of a 2003 Grand Prix, and quickly realized the sunroof didn’t work, found a guy who was parting out his gtp and he sold me his so I swapped them, the only difference being mine originally had the single piece sun shade and his had the 2 piece one.


after installing it mostly works fine, except sometimes it needs help popping up, as it gets stuck in the back, and I’m wondering if there’s any way to adjust the actual position of the glass.

If you look at the pictures, the first one is the level at the front of the sunroof, slightly lower than the body, the second shows the level at the back, slightly higher than the body, but maybe too high? And then the third shows the clearance at the front where it almost looks like there’s a bit of a gap.

im wondering if aside from moving the glass up and down if I can actually adjust it front to back, or if my sticking problem is just because of old rubber or something.





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