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NEED HELP. Leaking brake fluid after 94+ Brake swap on TGP

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Just did the 94+ rear brake swap on my TGP. Drove it around everything felt fine. Go to pull it out the next day and notice puddles of fluid on the ground under each wheel. Also notice suspension on both sides covered in brake fluid. Everything was brand new. Thoughts? Tightened everything down well but maybe not well enough??



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First Guess:  Copper washers on the brake hoses.  A) there's two per bolt, not one.   B ) the washers work-harden when the bolt is tightened, they should be replaced not re-used.

Second Guess:  Loose or defective bleeder screws.

Third Guess:  Someone disabled the park brake, the calipers won't adjust properly.

Beyond that, wash it off, fill the brake reservoir, and have someone start the engine (to get power to the brake booster) and stand on the brake pedal while you look for fresh leakage.

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Both sides were unable to retain the parking brake due to the differences in cable locations on the pre-94 calipers.

Would not using the parking brakes at all on these calipers really cause them to leak 😳

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I don't know about the newer calipers.

The older calipers need the park brake functional to keep the caliper adjusted properly.  Not using the park brake makes life harder on the caliper.  MAYBE that leads to leakage, maybe it "only" leads to less-responsive braking.

Find the park brake lever on the calipers, and jack it up multiple times so you're assured the park brake would be functional if there were a cable hooked to it.  See what happens.  (But concentrate on the bleeder screw, copper washers, etc.)

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The idea that not connecting the park brake causing a fluid leak is absurd. 

What did you use for brake hoses?

I see they are reman calipers. I've had several remans lately be garbage out of the box, specifically where the washer seals to the caliper body it will be pitted there and never seal properly. so don't discount that the "new" parts might be junk

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