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W-Body 350 Chevy Swap Feasibility


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I have a 2000 Buick century and I just bought an 80s 350. I'm pulling it today and I've been more or less unable to find any major fwd to rwd small block v8 swaps on this body. I'm aware there's a gen2 LT1 or some other lumina swap, and I have looked into that. My first takeaway was they were changing the body so it's not what I need, my second takeaway was they added 3 inches to the body which sounds like an unfun amount of custom fab. If anyone has a direct resource of a similar swap on the w body engine bay, or if anyone is extremely knowledgeable about these gm platforms and can link me to a suitably similar engine bay that has taken a similar swap. Worst case I will get a new shell to drop this motor in and do a Northstar v8 or a 3800, maybe an LS4 or whatever LS is fwd. Overall just looking to make some nice power out of the old girl and I'd love a nasty v8 cam lope. I don't mind custom fabrication but major body work is a bit out of my comfort zone, specifically framework. I don't mind making a new transmission tunnel or banging out the existing one etc, but major structural components are a bit iffy. I can do it, but I'd rather not. Anyways outside of specific resources I'd love some general ideas for the swap and horror stories about these swaps going kaput. 

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