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Clock Spring Removal Tool/Guide


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Decided I would do a write-up on removing the clock spring, which includes how to remove the air bag, to maybe help someone out and to have a thread to come back to if I need to reference it again.  This will apply to a lot of W-bodies, but this is specifically based off of a 97-03 Grand Prix.  This is more of a tool list, but has some tips.

- flathead screwdriver/pick for airbag (turn the clip towards the outside of the steering wheel using the slots in the back, go from the bottom to the top)

- 13/16" socket and impact for steering wheel bolt

- 2-jaw puller with hooks, 3/4" socket/ratchet or wrench (I had to jam screwdrivers in the slots with the hooks in order to get them to stay in place)

- pull out tilt lever (just comes right out with a little bit of force)

- T20 to remove lower steering column bezel behind steering wheel

- E5 to loosen upper steering column bezel (the bolt on the left will stay in place, but the bolt on the right will fall out) (just lift the upper piece out of the way; no need to remove completely)

- snap ring pliers (small) to remove snap ring holding clock spring in place

- 7mm socket/handle to remove trim below steering column to access wiring connectors (pull connector clips off and uplug, remove 2 zip ties & open clip on steering column)

- I found out that 97's have different clock springs

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