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08 grand prix GXP suspension questions

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Time has come for factory bilstein suspension to be replaced. I know there's a few different options as far the GXP goes. Planning on doing lower control arms all ball joints and linkage ends etc as well as sway bars and wheel bearings. Covid caused me to be forced to neglect things and now I'm at the point where it's all getting new parts. I want to swap the LCAs and sway bars for the impala police spec stuff with the bigger and solid sway bar so there will be no more goofy end links attached to the strut tower assembly. Best option for shocks of course being BC coilovers. I've heard the comp G stuff also works and possibly even outperforms factory setup. Also heard to address the rear tire inner tread chewing issue that you use a impala camber bolt kit and lose a bit on the cornering side. Long winded sorry. Anyway IDEAS help etc ....GO

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Lower control arms can come with ball joints. Keep in mind if the arms do come with ball joint you might run into an issue with the ball joint stud contacting the c/v axle joint. I lowered mine with canuck springs and replaced all the suspension components (struts, strut mounts, front lower control arms, rear lateral arms, dorman square trailing arms, the zzp solid front sway bar) and honestly it might have more body roll now than it did before setting alignment to a tiny bit more toe out from spec for turn in and touch more negative camber like -1.2ish degrees. If you have excessive inner wear or cupping wear its an alignment issue, if its smooth excessive wear on the inner its camber but if it wavy cupping its a toe angle problem

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