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Big Turbo Guys Come In .

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run PCV valve to intake?     yes or No?    I was told by a reputable guy not to do so . 



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As with any Turbo application the pcv, the brake booster, the hvac controls have to be *shut off* when the engine is under boost, generally a one way check valve is in the routing for all of these devices to prevent pressure feedback to them when one gets on the throttle. The pcv doesn't get a rerouted alternative path for vacuum, the original routing is the same, there is just more devices in that path to aid in controlling the pressure buildup when under boost.


I'm sure that one of the Turbo GP owners here who have the 89-90 OEM service manual might post up the vacuum routing path for you.  

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The breather for both my 89 and 90 TGP, from the factory, were routed straight into the air intake box.

I took off that system when I installed my directed warm air intake, and just put a breather on. I wish I had done a catch can instead.

Mine did not have a PCV system. When I had the intake manifold off, there was a plug/cap on the port where the PCV would have plugged in. There was nothing in my rear valve cover.

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