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'96 Regal Window Switch Schematics /bypass


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My '96 Regal Sedan Master Window Switch Adventure ..

The linked article w/ wiring schematics, plus tips I learned  should hopefully help out someone else when confronted with a broken switch..

My switch was already on my eventual to-do list, as the buttons were worn off, and the lock was broken, aka All windows controlled by driver.. I sporadically searched ebay/web for a NOS GM, ACI, MaxAir, or APDTY... Several articles mentioned avoid Dorman..

Ironically, I've been working my way around, cleaning all of my ground, body harness, and misc connections... I cleaned the drivers door connectors one morning,  and the drivers window broke that afternoon.. I put the window Up, and there she stayed,  you could feel the down was broken in the switch.. 

  I dismantled it, but once down to switch level, they seem sealed .. part of the black plastic.. no clear pieces that snap off.. the circuit board has tabs twisted through it, was thinking of attempting untwisting, and separating that... 

Took forever to locate a wiring schematic, found these, brown is down wire, blue is up, for drivers window.. 

First attempt to bypass was with switch connected, from the now exposed copper strips along the side that correspond to the adjacent wires in connector..  "DO NOT DO THIS"....  Buzz... Sizzling... POOF.. SMOKE.. 😬

You must bypass from the "UNPLUGGED CONNECTOR" with key On, or car running...

Position "G"/ Brown is Power .. Position "B"/ Black is Ground.. 

So, I fashioned a little "key" out of thin folded plastic from a notebook/binder, separating the 2 wires coming out the side at the appropriate connector points.... #1- Brown to Brown... #2- Black to Dark Blue..... SUPER EASY to roll window down.. Unplug switch, press key into connector.... window down...

SWITCH PRICES... were ALL OVER the board.. AARGH..

Same aftermarket ones w/$50 differences.. IF they were even in stock... Genuine OEM.. cheapest I found was $139...Yikes..

Some even charge MORE because it's a BUICK !!  '96 Cutlass Supreme has identical switch. Some parts places..  input Regal, then input the Cutlass, and witness $50 differences..

At Rock Auto for instance.. Enter Cutlass, and up comes ACI ONLY for $65... Input the Regal,  up pops the GM  OEM ONLY.. for $139.. Same part versions.


Just signed on to Rock Auto to get the CUTLASS ACI for $65..  Then suddenly thought I'd enter the original GM part number online...  And... O...M...G..... ebay ad pops up.. Estate sale..  No Car/ year description, just "GM part number LH SWITCH", and pictures.. A NOS GM switch, still in its box... FOR...  $20 "Buy It Now"....... CLICK... It arrives TOMORROW  !!!














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