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Sylvannia LED front turn sig bulb question.

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1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme sedan

Hello All.....  just replaced front turn signal bulbs from  incandescent 3157 (amber) to   3157 LED (ambers)    I noticed the directional arrows on the cluster stay dimmly lit on the dash now with the LEDs .  They both flash normally when I activate turn signals.

Dumb question but I do not remember the directional arrows being dimmly lit in the cluster until I installed the LED's

Is this normal,   or do I have to 180 both bulbs (polarity issue)  ?  Or does the install of a LED front bulb cause a feed back to the arrows on the cluster? 

As always........many thanks in advance! 







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Update...replaced  led bulbs for 2157 incandescents, and fixed problem.   Must be a resistance/back feed issue with LEDs used in front blinkers.



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If one wants to make use of LED turn signal bulbs then one must also replace the flasher with a low impedance item.

The regular unit needs to see a load across the circuit so as to properly enable, seeing as LED's are extremely low impedance the regular flasher will not function as it should.

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