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1997 Supreme 4dr Front strut (choices)

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Good afternoon all....

Question for the group.  I have two choices for front struts on a 97 cutlass supreme 4dr.....either Monroes or KYB ?

Of course the KYB's are significantly more expensive but I'd like to know- is it worth tt or am I wasting money on KYB's for the Front  when Monroes do the job just as fine? parst people always say the upgrades are better but are they for these cars ?

Anyone ever switch from Monroes to a KYB and  was it a good idea?  







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You're selling yourself short if you believe that there are only 2 manufacturers for replacement shocks.

Granted most know of KYB or Monroe, but they are not the only items one can purchase.

Monroe offers two grades of shock, KYB has just one grade for these cars.

There is also Sachs, they are a German product, plus Gabriel (Gabriel was & still do manufacture oem pieces for some car manufacturers), AC Delco, FCS, then there are the offshore manufacturers such as PRT, OSC,

do some research, if you decide to come back to either Monroe or KYB one can purchase either the Monroe-matic or the Sens-a-trac, KYB offers only the Excel shock.

All of these manufacturers only design a twin tube shock for the W platform, no mono tube performance shock is available.


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I used the Monroe 73305 because of stock ride and no installation problems. The threaded end is made very close to the original cartridge.

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On 3/15/2021 at 11:36 PM, Amanita said:

I have KYBs on my car, they were definitely worth the money. Where are you getting them from? I was able to get them for $50 each off of Amazon, which is a steal. https://www.amazon.com/KYB-366004-Excel-G-Gas-Cartridge/dp/B000C42RIW/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=KYB+366004&qid=1615865704&s=automotive&sr=1-1

Rockauto:  Prt#  KYB 366004 ea. $39.79 x2= $79.58 +shipping  $8.99  + tx $5.31   Total=   $93.88  (arrived in two days)    {currently awaiting upper strut mounts}  ordered week ago this coming Tuesday.  under $45 with shipping......  $44 (something)   

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