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'93 and earlier rear disc brakes


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What you selected were Cardone items & they were pictured exactly like this?...

but the slider pins & boots do NOT match what you selected from the display?

Fill out the return, when you get to the procedure where they ask why the items are incorrect you fill out that what you received doesn't match the suppliers description of said item.

As far as I know all of what Rockauto supplies (from whomever) is an OEM rebuild and there shouldn't be this sort of adjustment in the rebuilt parts used regardless if the supplier is AC delco, Nugeon, Raybestos, Centric or Cardone, but don't blame Rockauto themselves.




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See for yourself. Slide pins greased yet immovable. This was one of the reasons I was replacing the old calipers in the first place!? I'm not sure what other part you referenced nor whether it's there or not.




These are going on the car and complaints will be made to Cardone in the morning. I just cannot deal with RockAuto and their return policy right now. Could not even go on with this charade even another week and there's about zero chance of any more parts arriving before the holidays. This is my only car.

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You understand that Rockauto themselves are not to blame for this, when one selects a product from their catalog the item is shipped from the suppliers warehouse, not Rockauto.

Cardone would be on the hook for this, I see what you're referring to, I've never come across that particular slider pin design at all,


as for the part I was referring to...regular rebuilt product for all 88-93 rear calipers.

Cardone # is 184327 RR, 184328 is the LR

Raybestos # FRC5293 RR, FRC5294 LR


off topic....where are you located? *being out-of-country*


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Am not sure with Rockauto as several unrelated items I made on that order came from the same warehouse. When I've ordered elsewhere (like JC Whitney) the items did come directly from the manufacturers which was nice in a way as I was able to deal with them directly when an issue (also with Cardone, but they did make it right) arose.

Any opinion on Raybestos rebuilds? I don't buy their pads nor rotors anymore, instead opting for domestically manufactured if I can. I know this design will work but won't have the longevity of the factory setup and may be noisy. What I don't get is that one side of the previous ones was proper and one wasn't despite both being Cardone rebuilds.

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The Raybestos and about any brand should be better than Cardone. Delco and Raybestos hard parts should be exactly the same.

You can use the Delco parts look up to see the correct parts. The Delco page shows the 93 boot and hardware kits that Rock does not.


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10 hours ago, olds93 said:

old 43

sound's like changing these brakes on my 1993 olds is quite a job

It's near impossible...



...if this is your first time dealing with rear disc brakes.

It's no big deal if you've done rear discs before.  First thing--BEFORE you take stuff apart--is to find out what is and isn't working; specifically the park-brake system and the caliper mounting/sliders, but the entire system in general.

The worst, most-contaminated fluid in a brake system is usually found at the lowest point--the calipers/wheel cylinders.  DO NOT push it backwards through the ABS system.  You will probably find that the ONLY way to properly bleed the ABS system is to use a scan tool to chatter the valves.  It probably hasn't been properly bled since the car was on the assembly line.

IF (big IF) the brakes have a history of needing excessive pedal effort to stop...you likely need a new vacuum booster.  Common problem.

Locating a service manual for your vehicle is recommended.

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On 12/3/2020 at 8:30 PM, 55trucker said:

None of the 1st gen W body's aside from the 1.5 basic model Lumina's were fitted with drums.

If yours is a '93 then it have the small rear discs that were fitted from 88 thru 93.

I won't apple pie this for you.....are you familiar with this particular brake design at all?

Holy crap!  I forgot 1.5gens had drums.

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