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Sway bar Bushing part #?

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Can wee talk about sway bars and rubber bushings?


It is time to replace the sway bar rubber bushings on my 96 Regal. The sway bar at the frame bushing measures 1.170 inches OD. The closest bushing I can find is a 1-3/16 inch  with the bump on the bottom.


The bushings on the small ends of the sway bar have part #10152155 molded on them but the frame bushings don’t have any numbers. The frame bushings have some kind of fabric glued (mol;ded) inside of them so the bar can move without making a noise. I have never seen any thing like this before in a bushing. Looks like GM used these bushings in different sizes from the 70’s to 2002.


It sure would be nice to find out the original part # for these fuzzy bushings.



Regal Sway bar Bushing's 002A.JPG

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Found the part # for the frame mounted sway bar bushings at Gmpartsprime.com. The part # is GM 10284182 for the factory bushings with the silencing fabric inside.

They list the bushings are 29.5 mm inside diameter.




Regal Sway Bar 004B.JPG

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