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Can you replace the rear strut mount and boot without removing the strut.

The closed cell foam bumper that connects the boot (bellow) to the strut mount has rotted and come loose.

I did this 15 years ago but now I cant remember anything.

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It can be done........

the nut in the trunk at the top of the piston is a locknut, depending on the manufacturer the end of the stud can be either a small hex head or a female allen head. One usually uses an impact gun to spin off the locknut to bypass holding the piston stationary, but that means removing the entire assembly. I've not personally tried but you might be able to get clearance if you disconnect the trailing arm, just loosen off the lateral arm bolts, disconnect the upper support & lower the complete knuckle assembly down to get the top end to clear the quarter panel and swing it out. The pivot point for the knuckle lateral arms is above the spring so as you pull out at the top the bottom is forced inward.

Of course this is all depending on the struts still being in usable condition, you'll find that out when you disconnect the top and test to see if the gas charge is still there.

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55trucker thanks for your help.


After reading your post I looked at the strut and mount again i ordered new struts. I don’t want to have to take the factory struts out and not have new struts on handto put in.


I am looking at Gabrial mounts 143067 that have the factory style boot and don’t think there is enough room without removing strut. I don’t know anything about the Gabrial mounts except the boot looks like factory boots.


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Nothing wrong with that item, many many years ago Gabriel was an OEM suppler.

Consider picking up one of these.......

and take a reading of the before you disassemble angle & the after you install adjustment to save you a trip to an alignment shop.


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