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Aiming Parking/Marker Lights

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Hi I just had an argument with a friend who was trying to help me aim my marker/parking lights.. the yellow colored lights inboard of the headlights.  I was telling him to just leave them alone there isn't really a precision method of aiming them correctly.. but he said my one side is pretty precise and the passenger side is not.. Is there some best method of fixing those lights to aim properly .. he was threatening to break out the gorrilla glue.. ??

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The fog lamps furthest toward the middle of the car? Yes, there should be adjustments on them.. however, most of them have broken over time. It has been a very, very long time since I've looked at the 88-90 fog lamp, but if I'm remembering it right, there is a screw that runs straight down from the top and there is a plastic piece that adjusts the tilt up/down. That plastic piece is what breaks. If you can move the fog lamp by hand up/down, then it's broken.

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