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buick century parking brake cable

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I am attempting to replace a parking brake cable on a 1998 Buick Century.  Is it necessary to remove the drum brakes hardware/shoes in order to replace the parking brake cable.

Does anyone have tips on removing the cable where the one-way prong connectors are?  There is a special tool J-37043 available.



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Hmm, I don't know why most of the GM parts sites do not have a diagram of your parking brake system.

Thankfully, I did find one.  It looks similar to my Olds Intrigue.




Basically, you have a cable that goes from the front to the center of the rear.  There is an equalizer.  From the equalizer, there are two cables that go to each wheel.

So, no need to deal with the wheels.  But, if your car is like mine, then the equalizer was ready to fall apart from rust.

There are a few ways to compress those one way prongs.  Using a small clamp sometimes work.
Imho, your car is over 20 years old.  Don't be a ****** to your car.  Replace old parts.  So, if you have to remove a cable with one way prongs, break the suckers off, cut the cable, use ~25 lbs of C4 firmly attached to the prongs :), etc. 

Good Luck!


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