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Rounded bolt on the water pump

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START with a six-point socket instead of your 12-point.  (Wild guess:  There's a lesson to be learned here.)  (Second Wild Guess:  The bolts have corroded to the casting, you're gonna need heat, and you'll be lucky if the aluminum is saveable.)

I've removed lug nuts with those so-called "Turbo" sockets.  They're tapered inside, with a "reverse-thread" machining that tends to pull the damaged fastener in, and wedge it as you turn the socket to loosen the fastener.

The ones I have are specifically for lug nuts.  SK sells some intended for general purpose.


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Yup those things work awesome Shurkey.  Best purchase I've made in a long time was buying a set.  They're also great for removing the power steering pressure hose from the rack when you have to saw it off and can't seem to turn it off with a socket alone due to fitment issues.  

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