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92 GP Speedometer error correction

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Hello everyone,

I removed the instrument cluster from my 1992 GP and would like to bypass the calibration resistor for the speedometer.

I have read a few posts by RobertISaar where he  describes the resistor in question and states, "focus on the white blocks. you'll notice a large section and a small section on them. the large section on the 89-93 UB3 controls the gain for the speedo/tach needle. i remove the connections the PCB has to the resistor on those two pins and calibrate it using a 25-turn 500K potentiometer"

OK, I have located the DIPP for the speedometer (see pic below) and have the appropriate potentiometer.


I also posses more than adequate soldering skills (was my bread and butter for a few years).
So my question is, am I reading which two pins to cut and solder the pot in place of. The blue arrows in the picture below is my best guess.


Seems like Saar may be busy, so if anyone can affirm this is the right place to do the surgery it would be much appreciated before I do the cutting.


Thanks for your help.

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It may be a moot point now.

I got impatient and went ahead and deleted the resistor I thought it was and replaced it with the potentiometer. I set it to 20k Ohms higher than the original and now the speedometer just stays at zero.

Guess it was not the right resistor to replace.

Please advise if you know where I went wrong.

Thanks again.

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