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Local Convertible Top Advise

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I live in south central Wisconsin and the selection of convertible top replacement shops is very limited. Does anyone have any advise for reasonably priced shop that does quality work? Thanks.

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"reasonably priced" and "quality work" is a difficult combo to find.     When my top needed replacement a couple years ago, I shopped around but found that the "quality" shops focused on high-end cars and were far too much money, and the one place I found that was "reasonable" seemed sketchy.   

I ended up replacing it myself.   It took me many long hours, and isn't perfect, but I don't regret it.    A bunch of us here have done it ourselves and there are many posts about it, it's definitely doable even for an inexperienced person.    The replacement tops come with decent instructions, and there are Oldsmobile service manuals out there that give additional details (I'll let you borrow mine). 

Whether you do it yourself or pay a shop thousands of dollars, tell us about it and post before-and-after pictures.   

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