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Fun with Emblems

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Every now and then at a JY I`d see emblems in decent shape and even bought several off here in the past to use or sell. Ive played around with a few options I came up with for the Supremes and started this for anyone wanting the toss out a few pics or ideas.

Vintage metal Olds Rocket emblem from unknown Olds


From a 96 or 97 GAGT with a 3400V6


G-body Olds emblem, will match both sides


Cursive G-body badge


From the Intrigue or Alero


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Splitting the posts up here for... courtesy? IDK...

If the 1994 gets the modded 3400 I want in it.


Looks sinister with the wing and matte black


This would probably go better on an International or non-miniquad model, more classy end of the Cutlass family IMHO.


If the reverse bar was filled in repainted and the cursive emblem in its place, mind not the other 2.


Not necessarily on this particular car, just this design in this location for this model, goes for all the pics really.




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As long as it's not re-badging a car to make it look like something it's not I'm game.

My Regal got a new set of the correct Regal badges after it was painted. I didn't put the CUSTOM badges back on, instead I did the SUPERCHARGED script found on the back of a Riviera in their places.

The rear of the car looked bland so I did the same combo on the trunklid.

I had a set of GS badges but couldn't bear to put them on even though that car would have stomped a first gen GS.

On my GS I did the new style black & chrome symbols on the wheels and would like to either remove the hood badge or replace it with the new style.




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I tend to take badges off rather than put them on, but when I had that '89 5-speed Cutlass I was going to 3400 swap, I was going to do that same V6 H.O. badge.

FWIW, those badges were on '99 GA GTs only. The 2000+ has "V6 RAM AIR" or something like that.

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