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Front suspension fail

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It never hurts to have someone look at it, especially if they see you actually care enough about the car to try and figure it out. Call first and talk with them a little to see if they`re cool about just looking at it without the attitude. 

A few things to look at would be the subframe mounts, Ive got the two in the back I need to replace and since a remanned R&P isnt unreasonable I`m going to replace that too. IIRC the R&P has a rubber mount of bushing that might could fail causing steering issues. Not positive on what a bad inner tie rod feels like but I was told they need to be replaced like the outer ends do just not as frequently.

I also had one of the plastic pins holding the wheel well cowling in place and it would rub up against the tire on occasions that caused an array of whirring noises. Sounded very similar to a bad wheel hub I replaced on the Vert but on my 94 coupe.

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I replaced my drivers side hub last weekend, it seemed to help quite a bit for the noise.    The previous hub last less than 20k miles, it was a Timken, I used a Moog this time, but I think that maybe driving for a little while with bad alignment after my repairs killed the bearings.   This hub replacement is at least the 6th wheel bearing I've replaced on this car, but from what I've read that isn't very unusual for a high-mileage first-gen.  (A few years ago I used one of my old hubs to make a swivel seat on my children's backyard play structure.     I've saved a few of the other bad hubs, I have crazy dreams of using them for barstool swivels or for a super-strong Lazy Susan kitchen cabinet, etc.) 

Next step is to get the tie-rods adjusted to perfectly center the steering wheel.    And run a couple tanks of gas through it to check the mpg.

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