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Gas Gauge on Insturment cluster doesn’t move

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Remember when the insturment clusters went digital in the first gen W-Body? They all had issues with the entire insturment cluster and the unit always needed to be replaced or rebuilt. We had the insturment cluster replaced twice because the gas gauge wouldn’t move and was staying at empty or would be moving slower than normal every time you get gas. 

What I want to know is does the gas gauge on the insturment cluster on my regal have resistor that’s connected on the back of the cluster, kinda like the photo? I just replaced the sending unit and gas gauge needle moved 1/4 from empty, but should be moving fast towards full. Didn’t do that. Plus somehow my tank didn’t have any gas in it after I filled it. So drove two weeks and I guess it must have got empty and I didn’t know about it because gas gauge would just stay at the same place. Would the insturment cluster need to be rebuilt? We always had that issue with the car ever since it rolled of the showroom because the insturment cluster was the first thing we ever replaced because ithe gas gauge would always stay at empty rather than full.



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