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Grand Moff Joseph

Lumina: How to replace a door

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Suppose I wanted to replace a door (rear passenger) on a 1st gen Lumina sedan.

Anyone done this before? How much effort needs to go into it? (I recall that swapping the interior panel to the panel from my old door isn't hard; what I don't know is how to hang the door itself)

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It's easy, I did 3 of the 4 doors the first time I totaled my Regal.

Pull the door panel

Unplug all the stuffs in the door and feed the door harness out into the jamb and tuck it next to the seat.

Take the two bolts out of the thing that keeps the door from flailing wildly open.

Suspend the door with a crane or have a helper balance it on a jack with a block of wood and unbolt the hinges to remove it.

Hang the new door and close it GENTLY, you will almost certainly need to loosen the hinges a smidgen and do a few palm smacks and such to get it lined up just right.

You may need to adjust the jamb switch for the dome light.

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