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engine swap to 3.6 GM


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I'd love to do this as well and have been thinking about it a lot lately.  That 3.6 is a fantastic engine and they've been doing some amazing things with it lately.  It is indeed derived from the 3.4 and I had one in a G8 and also an LFX in an XTS.  I'd be happy just to do an LFX (323hp) if it'd work, but the 3.6TT from the Caddy V-series would be awesome (450hp).

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well, I don't know about them being the same,

the latest version of the High Value family is the LGX engine found in the Caddy's. Buick Lacrosse & the Camaro's,


like the LY7 it is an all aluminum engine, but this one is near 12 to 1 compression, the cam is chain drive,


even an LLT would please me, better low end torque #'s than the DOHC, better horsepower #'s, more fuel efficient as well.


bolted up to the 6T75 trans seems like a nice N/A powertrain that is now reliable.


*The only thing I don't like about the engines are the DI injection, having to go to lengths to clean off the carbon buildup on the backsides of the valves every so often is a big minus sign


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Slight correction: The High Value V6 was the same family as the 3500/3900, evolutions of the earlier 60 Degree V6 designs. 

The High Feature V6 is not derived from the former 60 Degree family nor are any of the design elements similar aside from both having 60 degree opposed cylinders.  There are no other similarities between the two.  

Keep in mind that the HFV6 also does not share a bellhousing with the earlier GM V6s and you would need to use a more modern GM transmission.  The early 3.6s are trash and have well known issues with the timing chain.  I would avoid any pre-2012 HFV6 as the LFX fixed these problems. 

I'm not sure what would all be required in getting the entire powertrain to work in an older W car, but it would be interesting nonetheless. 

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Drive by wire throttle, can bus communication, ECM/TCM that really don't respond nicely to being extracted from the host vehicle are a few more issues.

With an aftermarket ECM and something like a TCI TCM maybe but this would be a big buck build in the end and wether it was an aftermarket ECM or hacked stock one there would be constant tinkering and reliability issues. 

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hi, i have an 2010 cadillac srx with 3.0L i would like to swap for 2015 LFX 3.6L.  I have been told this is fairly straight forward swap needing cpu to be reprogrammed for it.  the expert at doing this type of swap i was going to pay to program the ecu has went dark.  can't seem to get into contact again.  anyone know someone else knowledged on this and can do the programming? 

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The caddy not being a W platform you may not find very much info here,


have you tried the Cadillac forum?

The only individual who I know of in the past who is/was considerably knowledgable on GM tuning was Ryan Gick,,,,,or by his alterego Sinister Performance.

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