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How To: Fix Windshield wipers parking in the wrong place.

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Second Gen.


A while back the Monte Carlo wipers decided to park straight up. Another member (ron350) posted what the simple repair is on an earlier one and the mechanism is fundamentally the same.


I'm not going to go into detail about removing the cowl covers, wiper arms or motor cover since other second Gens may differ from the Monte.


On the Monte I removed both sides of the cowl cover before realizing it was only necessary to remove the driver's side.


I marked my wiper shafts with a paint stick so I could see the reference point for the arms, the shaft is not keyed or splined so it seems like a good idea to know where exactly the GM Gods intended for them to be installed.


The wiper assembly has a little parking finger or leg thing that comes around and contacts a tab of metal. Since I don't know what to call the finger or leg thing I'll be referring to it as the "Whodoodle".


The reason for the failure could be many things and I'm not going to speculate why it happens.


My apologies for the grainy pictures, I had a 10MP camera but the lens must have had a smudge or perhaps I was simply too close for it to focus properly. I had better pictures but they are even less clear.


In the first image I'm showing the point where the metal tab, (to the right of my little poker) meets the Whodoodle that comes around (to the left of my little poker) The two items are actually touching in this picture and the wiper assembly is parked in the proper position.




In this picture I'm pointing my little poker to the tab that does not contact the Whodoodle when the Whodoodle comes around thus not forcing a camlike action that parks the wipers. The tab is somehow magically bent towards the camera.




The fix is simple, use a screwdriver or long punch with a hammer and give it a whack straight inwards to put it back in the path of the Whodoodle's travel.


Move it only a little and try it, it moves easily inward but it seems like it would be harder to bend it back out if it gets bent too far.

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That looks similar to this model.


You know, I think that's actually exactly the same! Mine has a little cover on the mechanism that the person who took that picture probably removed to study it.

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