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Converting the 284 pull-type clutch to push-type?


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Not possible to the best of my knowledge of that trans.


The 284 makes use of a conventional clutch fork arm that pivots in the same manner as the old mechanical linkage action of clutch/trans of yesterday. For that arm to operate as a push type the arm would have to move in the opposite direction which means that the slave cylinder would have to operate in the opposite direction.

The clutch pressure plate is a dedicated pull type assembly, not push type such as the 282 clutch plate, the 282 trans housing casting makes use of a pivoting round arm that rides in two bosses that allows the arm to rotate back & forth to apply pressure to the throw out bearing to move it. 

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Ya I know about the 284 already as I have one in my Monte Carlo. I should have clarified my question to ask if anyone still left here on W-body.com has done it. I know it's possible, as a few have done it, but nobody has ever outlined the process and parts. I know that the arm and pivot are substituted with a hydraulic throwout bearing, and the standard 284 slave is eliminated entirely.

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