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Power Steering Lines

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I am going to have to change my power steering lines on my 2002 Intrigue with 3.5l engine. I can obtain the pressure line without a problem. When it comes to the power steering fluid cooler tube GM sites say that it is discontinued for the 02 Intrigue with a 3.5l (gm 26074657). Yet, they list what looks to be the same piece for a 99 Intrigue with a 3.5l but with a different number (gm 26077908) as available.


Would this piece for a 99 Intrigue (gm 26077908) interchange with the 02 (gm 26074657)?


Also, is this piece pressurized?


Would appreciate any help!

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If you cut the steel back a bit you can use 3/8" fuel line.



Typical fuel hose will not accept the high temperature that PS fluid can reach.  There's very little pressure in the return side of the system, so fuel hose will handle the pressure--but not the temperature.  That's why PS systems often (not always) include some kind of fluid cooler--the fluid can get REALLY HOT.


Depending on the hose, there may or may not be a problem with chemical compatibility when using fuel hose on a PS system.


Real, live PS return hose can be had at any auto parts store.  It's not hugely expensive.  I have replaced the hose sections of the PS return/cooler on my first-gen using PS hose and "fuel injection" shielded clamps.  Regular worm-drive clamps will work for awhile, then the rubber cold-flows through all the slots in the clamp, the clamp loses tension, and then it leaks like mad when it's cold out--or the hose pops off the tubing.  You need a clamp that does not promote the cold-flow.  Double-clamping helps.  The advantage of a "new" return tube/hose assembly is the crimping of the hose to the tube--the crimping is a more-secure system than just clamping.


For the record, I bought a hose/cooler tube assembly for my first-gen "W" from NAPA for about $35.  When I couldn't get at the threaded fitting on the steering rack, I just replaced the rubber sections of the original assembly.  It was still a PITA, but it seemed more do-able than replacing the entire assembly.  Now I get to do it again after about seven or eight years, because it's back to leaking in the cold.  Maybe I'll pull the "new" return/cooler out of the plastic bag and actually replace the whole thing this time.


What I mean by cold-flowing, an example from an in-tank fuel pump installation:


The "fuel Injection" clamps are posed by the worm-drive "Breeze" clamps. 

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How does assessment of a clamp as "cheap" affect the fluid temperature at the first hose section from the steering gear in the cooler assembly?  Did I not mention that there's little pressure in the return cooler/hose assembly?


Typical fuel hose is not rated for PS Return use largely due to temperature of the PS fluid as it exits the steering gear--which is why there's a "cooler" installed in the first place.  As said, there MAY also be an issue of chemical compatibility, but temperature is the overriding issue.

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