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Need help fi ding turbo rebuild kit or replace turbo!


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Need help finding Turbo rebuild kit or replacement turbo!


1990 Pontiac Grand Prix McLaren 3.1L LG5 turbo v6.


Link to engine and turbo info:


This link is to a rebuild kit, Will this work? If not, what will?

(Should I go dynamic or carbon seal?)


More info about my turbo:

ASC Part Number: V24X82467BXXX

Manufacture: Garrett AiResearch

Size: T2 Frame

Version: TB02528

Cooling: Water and Oil

Lubrication oil flow: 1.2 L/m SAE 30, 90Degrees C, 2.75 Bar

Bearing: Floating sleeve

Turbo Complete Part number: 465939-2X

CHRA Number: 431876-29

Compressor housing casting number: M24

Compressor A/R: .80

Compressor wheel trim: 70

Compressor wheel diameter Ind/Exd: 1.69â€/2.02â€

Compressor flow: 29 lbs/Min

Turbine housing casting number: M4

Turbine A/R: .68

Turbine wheel trim: 62

Turbine wheel diameter: 1.64â€/2.09â€

Wastegate: Internal, vacuum/pressure actuated

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Garrett Powered

Here is the kit I have. Put together by my buddy Ken who sold it to me for a good deal.,4929.msg35446.html#msg35446


I am about to put a couple more kits together for my other cars of the same thing from the same site. ATP Turbo.

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