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      23 Dec

    I cant seem to upload any pictures of my car for my profile pic. says 50kb max. how do i make it small enough

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      19 Jan

    trying to get this car back and running after i did the motor swap. fuel pump messing up uhg

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Hep - EGR

Powertrain Today, 12:47 AM
Was just finishing up the LQ1 intake manifold gasket replacement and as I tried to reconnect the EGR, the flanged end of the tube snapped off. Is there a "quick and dirty" fix for this or do I need a new EGR tube ? I need to have the car drivable tomorrow. Block off the EGR maybe  or will th...
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Drip trays....

W-body For Sale or Trade / Wanted 23 Apr 2017
Picked up a set of hood vents for my 02 GP GT cheap thinking I could just paint them and stick them on. Once I got them I quickly realized that I would need to cut holes in the hood. No big deal, just need a solution for water drainage. Anyone have a drip tray for this set up or any good ideas?
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3800 Crank Sensor and Harmonic Balancer Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 22 Apr 2017
Overview:  This guide covers removal and reinstallation of both the Harmonic Balancer and Crankshaft Position Sensor on a Series II/Series III 3800.   Tools Required:  24mm socket for the crank bolt, 19mm socket for the lug nuts, 18mm socket for the subframe bolts, 15mm/belt tool f...
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3.4 dohc Timing Belt, tensioner & idler pulleys

Powertrain 22 Apr 2017
Hello all i noticed that my timing belt is worn and ready to be replaced. Has anyone attempted to change there belt and on a scale of 1 through 10 how hard is the job. Im a DIY guy and like everyone else i like to save money if possible. However if its a pain in the ass i will consider paying a m...
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Ceramic Brake Pads

Brakes/Suspension/Steering/Wheels/Tires 22 Apr 2017
My 96 Regal needs new front brake pads and rotors. Does any one know if AC Delco made a 171-xxx series ceramic front pad for a 96 Regal?
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