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1992, 93 94 95 Cutlass Supreme Convertible wanted low mileage 3.1

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Recently missed out on a 92 Cutlass Supreme Convertible that was out sold from under me...........and looking for a (better one)    any leads would be greatly appreciated. Low mileage OCA show cars to the front please. Color preferences  1 Red/White top    2  Blue w white top   3 Black/Black top   low mileage preferred and 3.1 V6.

picture for attention.  Does anyone here have the twin to this car?  

Let me know what you have.  OCA Member here



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Trent Plungas

Hi Ben:

Long time OCA member here.  I just had two articles published in JWO.  I have a 95 Cutlass S Convert and love the car.  I am wondering why you want a 92??  I checked out several of these cars and would only consider the 95 for purchase because they redid the dash with two air bags and not one like the earlier (94) years.  So they could get the dern fool seat belt off the door frame! Also wonder why you want the 3.1 V6?  Mine has the 3.4DOHC V6.  They are the same block, mine has bigger heads.  You just need to have the DOHC belt replaced every 60K miles.  However, it takes off like a V8, and the overdrive kicks in for good MPG on the FWY. My 3.1 V6 Achieva only made it till 135,000 before the engine needed serious work.  Anyway, would love to chat with you.  I am in California and would perfer you contact me thru my email.  Regards, Trent

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Hi Trent....I wound up finding a car. remarkably less than 70 miles from my home.  24,999(1) miles    [I'm not making this up}   

I also,   today Sunday Feb 20, 2021 purchased a 97 Supreme 4dr SL  for a friend to use for school and work  82k miles needs >    (Looking for a NOS )   power door lock switch drivers side.

If you have a passenger door pwdl   I'll take that to.

Look forward to chatting with you.









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