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1992 Z34 5 speed car and parts; pictures uploaded

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NOW ATTACHED: Pictures of car and most parts

Please refer to the attached parts list and pictures. Not all parts on the list have are pictured. There are a few more parts that aren't on the list nor in the pictures.

The parts are both NOS and used. The used are primarily from a 1991 Z34 plus some I purchased on e-bay when I was actively working on these cars. The NOS were extras and purchased with the intention of getting them before they were discontinued. Please refer to the attached list. NOS part numbers are based on the label, used parts numbers are based on a 1991 Z34 from the parts book. There is also some literature on the list. I WILL NOT SELL PIECEMEAL NOR SHIP. Buyer must pick up. I want $1,200 for the entire lot. 

The car is a 1992 Z34 getrag 284. It is basically complete but has been sitting outdoors for about 15 years.  I bought it used in 1997 and at that time it had 90,000+ miles.  My son drove it to high school and in college. When the original engine started knocking we installed a used engine from a 1991 Z34. After a while it started knocking also - I think the Centerforce clutch we installed has too much side thrust for the crankshaft to handle. It now shows over 137,000 miles, but I really can't verify how accurate that is since I am not the original owner. I want to offer it here first before scrapping it since there is probably a need for some of the parts. It would have to be trailered. I want $400. If there is no interest I will sell for scrap. I am in Delaware. The car has a good title.

Kind regards, Adolph John Rydzewski, Newark, Delaware




Lumina parts.doc

1990 to 93 parts catalog 1.JPG

1990 to 93 parts catalog 2.JPG

1991 Grand Prix service manual.JPG

1992 Lumina service manual.JPG

1992 Passenger car selling guide 1.JPG

1992 Passenger car selling guide 2.JPG

1992 Pro trainer pac 1.JPG

1992 Pro trainer pac 2.JPG

1992 Service manual supplement, features.JPG

NEW  aftermarket Power window motors.JPG

NEW aftermarket left door handle.JPG

NOS coolant reservoir, back.JPG

NOS coolant reservoir, front.JPG

NOS Dash trim.JPG

NOS license plate holder, back.JPG

NOS license plate holder, front.JPG

NOS Power stg heat shield, back.JPG

NOS Power stg heat shield, front.JPG

NOS Steering knuckle, strut, ball joint, Left, ALSO HAVE RIGHT SIDE.JPG

NOS Timing belt cover, back.JPG

NOS Timing belt cover, front.JPG

NOS windshield washer reservoir 1.JPG

NOS windshield washer reservoir 2.JPG

USED coolant reservoir, back.JPG

USED coolant reservoir, front.JPG

USED dash trim 1.JPG

USED dash trim 2.JPG


USED Headlight & hvac switches.JPG

USED license plate holder, back.JPG

USED license plate holder, front.JPG

USED Mirrors.JPG

USED Misc parts 1.JPG

USED Misc parts 2.JPG

USED Misc parts 3.JPG

USED Misc parts 4.JPG

USED Misc parts 5.JPG

USED Seat belts.JPG

USED Steering column, key.JPG

USED Steering column, switch.JPG

USED Steering column, wheel.JPG

USED Steering column, wiring.JPG

USED Steering column.JPG

USED Wire harnesses.JPG

USED, HVAC duct, right side, 3 outlet.JPG

Whole car 1.JPG

Whole car 2.JPG

Whole car 3.JPG

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If it's ok with the Admins and within the Forum Rules, I would be willing to post things for you.  Let's wait and see what's allowed though.  Need to hear back from them first please.

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