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All my TGP stuff + cars for sale

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I figure I'll do this and see if I get any interest at all. 

Can get pictures for serious parties.

The biggest stuff:

1990 TGP: Red, Tan Leather, Sunroof, bad paint. Runs, drives, is rough, its been wrecked and repaired a few times before, ~150k miles,  engine has 30k less, approximately. Kenny K crossover, rebuilt IP,  96+ brakes all around, Vacuum Brake conversion

1990 TGP Black, Gray Cloth, no sunroof, bad paint, needs a engine, Tires, Been off the road since 2011. ~110k miles, Jeff M Crossover Will need towed. Not driveable at all.

Allegedly rebuilt LG5, on a engine stand, got this for the Black car, have yet to get around to it. I never ran it before. so may want to get someone to go through it first.

Boxes and boxes of parts, Body kits, Core radiators, maybe a core 4t60hd, 96+ knuckles more things then I reasonably remember even owning at this point.

You get ALL of it, I am not looking to sell it off in pieces. I want all of this gone as a package deal

Long term my plans were to part the red car out for the Black one but ultimately the red one does what its supposed to do.

Asking $3000 obo for everything, bring a enclosed trailer, bring a car trailer, there is a lot of crap here. No I'm not going to go attic surfing for pictures of every last part. IF you are serious I can get pictures. 

If not I'll probably eventually build the Black car, just life is in the way right now and I don't have the time to deal with these. 

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