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Isaiah Brown

Looing for a few things for my 1992 Cutlass Vert project..

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Hi, and hope everyone is blessed.

I recently bought my dream car which is a 1992 Cutlass Supreme Convertible and I'm looking for a few things for it:

I'm looking for some Cutlass International rims,

a good and running and preferably pre-modified and under 120k 3800 Series 2 supercharged motor that I can swap into it along with a 4t65e-HD trans

a modified Gen 1.5 Lumina/Monte Carlo wiring harness ready to be used in a 3800-to-gen-1 W-body swap

some aftermarket headers

a full convertible top assembly (including top latches, convertible top with window, convertible top frame if possible, convertible top cable, hydraulic pump and motor, etc.)

some aftermarket W-Body suspension stuff

and there's more but I can't think of it right now.

Please let me know, and thanks.

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