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Need a good working fuel rail for my Regal 2.8 V-6

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Somebody please reach out to me. I need a fuel rail for my Buick Regal 2.8 V6. They will fit 3.1 V6 as well. I don’t need any injectors or presssure regulator. I only need a good used rail. If anyone has one please message me and I will show you the photo of the one I am looking for to match part. I need this part ASAP and it’s becoming inconvenient for me I want to drive the car again. 

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I know they are different, as a 96 would be a 3100.  I was just at the junkyard yesterday and they did have a 3.1 car which would work.  But I would be surprised if someone around here doesn't  have a spare they would want to sell first.

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