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01 Monte Carlo Headlights stuck on


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"Stuck on"?  The ignition key is in your pocket, you've been in the house for fifteen minutes, and the lights are still on?

NOT a matter of DDRL?  Damned Daytime Running Lights, where GM has the arrogance to insist the headlights be lit in broad daylight whenever the engine is running, and pretend that this is a "safety feature" even though there's ZERO actual proof such as peer-reviewed "scientific studies"?

NOT a matter of "convenience lighting" where the lights stay on for a short time after the engine is shut-down, so you can see to get into the house at night?  The timer is typically adjustable from under a minute to maybe three minutes or somesuch.


I'd guess you either have a defective light switch, or a relay with partially-burned (welded-together) contacts that don't open like they should.  There could be other causes, but I think those would be the two most-likely.

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uck on all the time, caught it 30 minutes after she got home and pulled the fuse.

I'm going to take the light sensor out tomorrow, I think that junk-ass second gen BCM is doing something stupid.

I've never had an issue just turning headlights on, automatic headlights are just a nuisance to me anyway. 

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Yeah, pulling the light sensor might fix it. I had to do that on a '97 Cadillac I used to have. The sensor went wonky and it would go into DRL mode, regardless of how dark it was outside, which meant I didn't have dash lights. Once I pulled the sensor, it worked just fine as a manual system.

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