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Tons of TGP & 1st Gen GP Parts For Sale **UPDATE Interior Parts Added**

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On 8/6/2018 at 4:14 PM, 55trucker said:

I wouldn't mind one of those strut braces,

they appear as both needing some cosmetic work so whichever,


just not sure if they will clear the DOHC plenum


Make me a offer on the bar. I can get you a shipping quote this week sometime.


On 8/12/2018 at 4:29 AM, jman093 said:

Would maybe be interested in red louvers (really only need a right side) and the OE tape deck radio. I've given up on finding an OE CD player.

Louvers all have damage of some sort. Either small cracks or missing screw mounts.  There is one good set I believe. With only one or two minor cracks and missing mounts.  Let me know if you are still interested.


1 hour ago, Imp558 said:

How we looking on X-Laces? Anything without damage? Paint chips aren't a problem because I strip and refinish them.

Got 7 left. Ended up with a odd number because one had a large chunk of the lip missing so I gave it to my buddy for scrap. I am keeping four. If you are interested in the other two or three let me know. I have the tires removed from all of them.

I could possibly meet you somewhere halfway.

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